We help create certainty in an uncertain world , specializing in finance. We offer uncomplicated solutions to our every changing social and economic environment. 

 The stock market , is life affirming and forward thinking.  It's life personified.  We believe everyone has the capacity to benefit from their  understanding of investing. 

Lisa  Frattali  Jack ,  Founder
Benevolent Fiduciary
We have spent 40+ years collectively , working in the financial industry. We love the market and  all the good that it represents in the world. We believe investing should be an enjoyable and  uncomplicated endeavor .  We offer honest , understandable financial solutions.
Lisa's work , education and experiences  in   the financial industry & mental health field gives her a unique perspective on life , love and peoples relationship to themselves and their money. She  believes  that it is very possible for everyone to  have a full 
understanding of their relationship to money , what they love in life , and once understood they can experience happiness, fulfillment and  enjoy the abundance that surrounds all of us.     
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